Eksperimentasi Media | Biosampler, 2001

Audio/visual experimentation by Biosampler back in 2001. Using overhead projectors (with various liquids and objects), video projectors, and slide projectors. As for Audio, we’re using pc’s running fruity loops and various tracker softwares, keyboard, bass, didgeridoos, and electric guitar. (CSB)

For us, VJ-ing is more than projecting real time combined images on a screen. I’d like to look at it as an activity of creating an evolving visual experience/ universe. First, the gap between spectator/ performer, stage/ seat, premeditated/ spontaneous, mine/ yours etc; should be obliterated. To rebuild something we have to destroy/ deconstruct the initial form and limitations. Second, interaction and respond is imminent. By doing so, we have created a moebius loop where an idea shall move back and forth, left to right, passed from person to person, and it would evolve and change while being so. And that is Real Time Interaction. It’s like a complex game of “pong”.” (CSB)

The year 2000 was the early stage of collaborative meeting from a group of people with similar concern and interest in Muararajeun Kaler area. An intense gathering in a house that located in a dense suburban area in Bandung has emerging into a so-called ‘collective attitude’, which is regarded as an act of self-indulgent through a creative process. Each member of this collective often use computer technology, creating piles of works in analog and digital format of sounds, music, images, animations, films, etc. From personal activities, it then has expanded into a collective act to form artistic composition through the creating sensation of sounds, light, and space; which is done spontaneously and sometimes with diverse goal and objective. Some surprising results often happen from their freedom to act and create, as well as dialogues and intervention. What they did has been growing from a daily attitude into an art performance.

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