Untitled (The Hobo Never Sleep Tonight) by Anugerah Pratama aka Egga

Image work by Egga

Untitled (The Hobo Never Sleep Tonight)
Anugerah Pratama aka Egga
Digital Print on Canvas
60 cm x 120 cm

Among his friends in Bandung, Anugerah Pratama aka Egga is known as designer, DJ and experimental musician. Most of his graphic works appears in the form of t-shirts, flyers, posters, etc. He often uses simple vector graphic icon, found images, cut and paste technique; playing with humor, irony and childhood object. In The Hobo Never Sleep Tonight, Egga shows a playful image of four legs black bird with a jewel crown, including his collection of graphic text & icons in the background. This in return, creates an enigmatic – almost like mockery icon – that questioning authority & our stereotype perception about particular sign/symbols.


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