Don’t Shout it, Tratt’ it by Laura Beloff & Martin Pichlmair

A work by Laura Beloff & Martin Pichlmair


The work is based on the idea of using the world as the constantly changing score for the sounds and on the notion of kids being very loud at certain age. The interest was to create a real-time composition with a focus of making a media-art piece for children.

The TRATTIs are wearable screaming devices for children. TRATTIs generate noise and sound and music (depending on your ear) according to what the kid is looking at. Each TRATTI is different, yet all are similar. The prototype plays the visual world as the score for the sounds.

Though the TRATTI looks very low tech, it actually is a high tech device. A mobilephone with camera runs the system. It also contains a megaphone-shaped horn, an amplifier and electronics. TRATTI uses custom-made software, developed in mobile processing, to interpret the images as sound that the phone takes, then it plays out loud the sound it generates.

A work by Laura Beloff & Martin Pichlmair.

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