Roundup: Multimedia Blogging & Podcasting Workshop @ r-ICT / Portable.MediaLab

By Ryan Koesuma (

Just finishes the workshop this afternoon. It turned up to be a meaningful experience. What I thought was gonna be a simple and casual Q&A (based on what Gustaff described to me before) turned up to be a really really serious seminar in a meeting room. I was panicked as shit, since I didn’t really prepared any arranged materials. So I had to improvised and let the adrenaline and narcissism do the talking. On the other hand, beside the mumbling habit, I think I do fine.

About 50 people or so showed up, the meeting room is quite full. The crowd varies, from highschool students to middle-aged citizens. I didn’t noticed that much. But there were no questions at all in sessions, only after that people started coming to me to ask for questions. I guess it’s a normal habit for the people here.

Thanks to Gustaff, Reina, Mbak Nunung, Bram and the rest of the folks. I hope someday we could do something like this again.

If you haven’t come to the conference, please come, there will be a screen print workshop by Luki, VJ workshop by Niang, and music-making workshop by Dina, also performances by Polyester Embassy and Rock N Roll Mafia this afternoon.

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