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NU-SUBSTANCE FESTIVAL 2007/Entropy Session/ Bandung – Indonesia

NU-SUBSTANCE FESTIVAL 2007/Entropy Session
Following the success from the first session of Nu-Substance Festival 2007, Entropy Session will engage the local club scene in Bandung and presenting a wide range of electronic music performance with high profile band and dj’s such as MISSILL (France), RNRM – ADIT – TAMA – ALVIN – HENDRA – DXXXT (King’s Boulevard), DASA – XONAD (Barbarecords), VLADVAMP, DINA (Homogenic), DYNAMIC LINGUIST RHYTM, INDRA7 (Digital Six), GLEN (Melting Pod), etc; including the extra-ordinary multimedia and visual performance by chainsmokingbastard (Biosampler/UVG) & Muttermotion (Elektra666)**. Nu-Substance Festival 2007 is the first festival for electronic arts & media culture in Bandung – Indonesia. This program is being initiated by Bandung Center for New Media Arts/Common Room Networks Foundation in collaboration with CCF Bandung and organized by Electrokiller Corps.

**in confirmation

Friday, 15 June 2007, 21.00 – 03.00>> Platform I: Score, Bandung – Indonesia
Saturday, 16 June 2007, 21.00 – 03.00>> Platform II: Embassy, Bandung – Indonesia
Sunday, 17 June 2007, 17.00 – 23.00>> Platform III: Opulence Lounge, Bandung – Indonesia

More information listen to Nu-Substance Radio Stream (Station ID: Prambors Radio Bandung, 98.4 FM) every thursday at 21.00 – 22.00, or download the podcast at


This program are supported by Common Room Networks Foundation, Arts Network Asia, CCF – Bandung, Culture France, Fastwordward Records and organized by Electrokiller Corps.

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