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Indonesia Raya, YouTube, Roy Suryo, and the whole Government Bandwagon

By Ryan Koesuma (

[youtube 6QvyLkdl1_s nolink]

As you all may know about the hottest buzz of the year over the weekend, our national self proclaimed “telematics expert” charlatan, Roy Suryo, has led the world of Indonesian news and media, digital culture, government officials, historians and debunkers up side down. Here is the speed I gathered after I was away on weekend and didn’t catch the buzz.

Roy Suryo, the charlatan, declares over the weekend that he found a celluloid footage of what seems to be some sort of a national treasure that contained the original historical video version of Indonesia Raya with 3 verses. He claimed to he found it along with the team of Air Putih Nasional from a server somewhere in the library of Leiden University, Netherlands. He insist that government high officials and historians makes a move about his discovery, contacting through the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Ministry of Information and Communication. To a further length he intended to bring WR Supratman’s Niece to meet with the President for further authentification.

What really happened is this. He didn’t actually discover anything. The celluloid footage from the foreign server (I know, I know, it didn’t made any sense) that he claimed, was actually a video uploaded on YouTube sometime by the end of last year by a person related to Marhaenist movements. That video from YouTube was downloaded by a person within Air Putih, and stored in his harddisk. Roy Suryo, by the chance, copied some files from the particular harddisk, and when he saw it, he exclaimed “Eureka!” with joy and running naked through the ruins of Rome. The video itself has gained quite a notoriety on YouTube and has already been viewed almost 60,000 times.

The song itself wasn’t really the long lost version. Forgotten, maybe, but you might wanna check your books from elementary school, and you could still find it there. So what’s the discovery all about?

Being who he is, Roy Suryo managed to held a press conference and made the buzz over the weekend. And when his plan gets unravelled and debunked as the confirmation goes along the way, he compares himself as Columbus that found America, not the Indians. Touche, my friend, touche…

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