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Bandung Creative Showcase 2007 | Common Room | 29th – 31st of October 2007

Common Room Sound Lab

29th – 31st October 2007

Place & Activities
Visiting program to various creative clusters and local entrepreneur (URBANE & AIRPLANE)
Exhibition & Public Discussion at Common Room, from 29th – 31st of October 2007 (open for public)

In conjunction with the seminar of International Education & Employability – Developing the Creative Industries that was held in Bandung from 29th -31st of October 2007. This program was requested by the British Council Jakarta, which being prepared and organized by Common Room in partnership with Bandung Experience Project team. Besides visiting program, there is a showcase that presenting some works from local creative community and young entrepreneurs in Bandung. All recommended venues & participants are some of the few important nodes that are known as the pioneer for the new and emerging creative scene in Bandung in the recent decades, particularly in the field of youth fashion, music, art, architecture, design & media arts. Brief information about all designated venues & exhibition participants are as follows:

Monik House/MonikCeltic
Established in December 1998, MonikCeltic focused itself to be the leading local brand, which started from making girlie bags, apparel, wallet, hat, and other accessories. Later on, its products spread from a wide variety of bags (backpack, hand bag, messenger bag, travel bag, waist bag, etc), shirts (tee’s and polo), jackets, sweaters, raincoats, pants, caps, wallets, beauty case, hand phone pouch and sandals. Targeting market to young, active, and fashionable youth, MonikCeltic always pushes itself to improve MonikCeltic products trough exclusive and original simple pop designs by using high quality materials.

MonikCeltic understands that every individual are unique and have an urge to be different from others, therefore MonikCeltic items maintain its exclusivity by limited production. Within our young and active designers, MonikCeltic products maintain to be up to date and fresh for the youngsters. MonikCeltic products are distributed trough its main shop house, named Monik House, that is located at Jl. Dr. Setiabudhi 56 Bandung, Jl. Trunojoyo #19 Bandung. Some products also can be found at some distro (distribution store) in most of big cities in Indonesia, uncluding two authorized dealer in Surabaya (East Java Province) and Singapore. More info about MonikCeltic product can be found at Contact: [email protected].

FFWD Records
FFWD Records (Stands for Fast Forward Records) is a small record company based in Bandung – Indonesia. The label was founded back in 1999 when three old friends decided to form a record company to fulfill their passion to their interpretation of good music. The label has released some foreign releases and produces many good tunes from their local scene. The breakthrough came when they released Mocca’s ( debut album, My Diary back in 2002. The record was sold for almost 100.000 copies nationwide. It also brought the label to make some arrangement with some foreign record company to release their own releases.

Up until now, FFWD Records has been working with some recording company from Japan (Apple Crumble Records/ Rosemary Records –, Thailand (SmallRoom Records –, Australia (Caveman Records/ Reverberation Distribution –, Malaysia (Little Records), Singapore (Fruit Records –, South Korea (Beatball Records), and Spain (Elefant Records – Currently the label is growing faster and starts to gain good reputation from its local music industry. Meanwhile, they are still working based on their passion of music from their small-but-homey headquarter in Bandung, not Jakarta, the centre of industry in the country. More info about FFWD Records can be found at | Contact: [email protected], [email protected]

In 1996, a group of designers and artists gathered and shared their love for surfing, skateboard and design, where, at that time were not as developed as today. They create ideas of a ‘playground’ and a label called Their initial designs described their love for surfing and street wear, also conveyed information about the life they were living. Starting with selling clothing through special orders and catalogues, they finally opened a store in 1999, thus became the pioneer of Indonesia’s own label of clothing. blossomed and matured as its owners’ life continued, then the name changed into just 347. Not only inspired by surfing, their design got the influence from music, nightlife, art, and with avant-garde nuance that made them to their success in such young ages. More info about UNKL347 can be found at Contact: [email protected].

Common Room (Common Room Networks Foundation)
Common Room is a platform for various activities that are organized by Bandung Center for New Media Arts (est. 2001) and anyone who are interested to initiate their own activities in this particular place. Since 2003, Bandung Center for New Media Arts has decided to utilize Common Room as an anchor to serve diverse individuals, communities and organizations in Bandung – Indonesia. It is the place where people can add, edit and execute their activities based on their own purpose and interest, which mainly focused in developing public knowledge and creativities.

Until now, Common Room has been facilitating numerous exhibitions, screening, workshops, lectures, discussions, small music concerts, cultural festivals, etc. It has becoming a place that bridging dialogue and multi-disciplinary cooperation intended to connect numerous individuals, communities and various organizations both in local and international context. Common Room activities conclude a vast sphere, starting from documenting and exploring phenomena, ideas, models, and new concept born from interdisciplinary approaches in the field of visual arts, design, urban architecture, music, fashion, literature, new media, further study for urban culture & urban ecology. More info about Common Room can be found at Contact: [email protected].

Denny Willy/ Apikayu Foundation
Apikayu was founded in 1999 by Deny Willy (Design, ITB) and Krissandi (Wooden craft SMSR) to promote campus innovation especially in furniture design to craft subject to local craft industries. After participated in many community development activities to Small and Micro Enterprises (SME’s) including youth groups finally Apikayu received funding award and advisory, and become a legal business entity under CV. APIKAYU named throughout Young Entrepreneurs Start-up (YES Programme). The programme is a joint implementation between Shell Company (Shell-LiveWire International Programme and Youth Business International a division of IBLF), Indonesian Business Links, Standard Chartered, McKinsey, Progressio Foundation, and ILO.

While considering most activities under the domain of philanthropy action and community development activity, we decided to transform as a not-for profit institution called Apikayu Foundation. We support the SME’s and artisan around Indonesia by bringing the new ideas of improving and developing craft design, technology and production process, where in the same time commercializing campus innovation. A few projects funded by Ministry of Research and Technology, Institute of Research and Community Services (LPPM ITB), Indonesian Science Institute (LIPI), Industry and Commerce Office, Higher Education Directorate, as well other related parties. More information about Apikayu Foundation can be found at | Contact: Deny Willy [email protected]

Founded in 2004, VideoBabes is an artist-run non-profit organization, which focuses on amplifying the development of video-based art in Indonesia. VideoBabes aims to work together with local and international institutions/organizations and also individuals to initiate video-related programs and events (exhibitions and screenings, production and distribution, lectures and workshops). Contact: [email protected] | [email protected].

BUSA is a design collective, which started in 2006 by five persons from four different educational backgrounds (graphic design, interior design, product design and sculpture). They developed this collective as an act of their nation that product design should not only talk about its techniques, systems and functions, but moreover to give the user an experience in its own way. Busa in Indonesia means a sponge. Just like a sponge that absorbs water, they try to absorb and aware their surroundings in their daily life experience and they translate it into an inspirational and fun-experimental design.

Busa held their first exhibition in May 2007 with title BUSA – a Prelude of Our Vision through Design at Elysium (a street culture & vintage shop) in Bandung. In their early years they successfully exhibited their works in Wake up to design! 100% Design Indonesia, last August in Jakarta. It is a product and furniture exhibition, which exhibited latest Indonesian furniture and product design by some Indonesian designer. Now they are preparing their next exhibition with some Bandung creative industries in early 2008. More information about Busa can be found at Contact: [email protected]

Formed in Bandung City when monetary crisis has lurking on every corner of life, among the anxiety of young folks for their own lifestyle fulfillment, NLS – No Label Stuff – has been and will always fulfill the local needs of fashion. In its decade of presence, NLS still oriented towards the main elements of youth culture in general, such as hardcore music, extreme sports, street art and technological advancements. By doing so, NLS will always be able to stay up to date and adapt through its product and graphic designs to cope with young people’s ever changing taste of fashion. Starting their work from mid 2005, the NLS Company assembles a special design unit in their workgroup, AERWORX (Anti Estetika Worx). The purpose is to update any current information and issues in the world’s design graphic trend. The goal is to keep NLS as the leading company in Indonesia, specifically in the graphical design trend. Aided by AEWORX, the existence of NLS in local fashion industries’ competition becoming more and more firm. AEWORX indirectly acts as a filter to synchronize the idealism of its designers with the dynamic needs of the market. Contact: [email protected]

Suave Free Catalogue is an informative media, which is able to enter the young-targeted market effectively and also provide the latest fashion info and young lifestyle relating with it. Because of that, Suave Free Catalogue is the right alternative for your company to promote to the market widely. Contents of Suave: Product info, Fashion, Advertise Quiz, Designer profile, Showcase, Snapshot, Checkpoints, and Suavershot (interactive media for readers who want to have his/her photos printed on Suave, as long as he/she uses products that had been advertised on Suave). More information about Suave can be found at Contact: [email protected]

DEATHROCKSTAR is a webzine that covering mostly music from the independent scene. Started as a personal blog that write about noise and avant garde music in 2002 mid winter season, but then encouraged to spread it wider to cover Indonesian independent music scene. While it gather more attention the website itself needs some improvement and that’s the time a new team mate come and research some new engine. And now we still stand and keep the music spirit, while trying to embrace the new era of network technology. Contact: [email protected]

Tinkerbell Graphics
Around February 2006, from the difference of experiences and specialty, comes to an idea of forming a team that could produces creative minds, visions, and effective works. Tinkerbell Graphics was formed in Bandung, by three college student in design department after working as a team, creating visual introduction for a new production house in Jakarta. Since then they set its aim as a team that converge design, animation, visual effect, video exploration, and visual performance. More info about Tinkerbell Graphics can be found at | Contact: [email protected]

Airplane Systm is a clothing company based in Bandung, West Java – Indonesia. Created in1998 on the basis of originality and creativity, Airplane Systm is begin from group of young people who want to make something creative in fashion industry inspired by music, skateboards, and pop art. We have become determined to introduce the best and most unique products to the youth culture through our products. Airplane Systm create products, which offer personal and unique insight within this complex society. As a growing clothing company we developed a strong following due to mixture design themes and our attention to creating quality products. Airplane Systm produced t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, jacket, underwear, denim, and most notably is Manchester shoes. More information about Airplane Systm can be found at Contact: [email protected]

PT. URBANE Indonesia was established on 2004 in Bandung by M. Ridwan Kamil, award winner of British Council International Young Design of The Year 2006. URBANE’s ideas and visions for the built environment have a long journey in shaping most places both local and overseas. With the creative minds, URBANE brings to its worldwide clientele a team of several talented and visionary professionals that provide innovative solutions to complex problems. The firm has been involved in a broad variety of projects including large urban and suburban master- plans; mix use, a part of residential complex, entertainment, etc. Principal of the firm, who are recognized as a leader specializing in the clients needs, is intimately involved through completion of work and is committed to excellence in design and to serving our clients with unique solutions. The firm is dedicated to partnering with the clients to create places and architecture where the function and aesthetics work together, while responding to critical environmental and social issues, including ecology, visual impacts and economic viability. More info about URBANE can be found at Contact: [email protected]

Cerahati is one of the pioneers in local creative community in Bandung. Since 2000, they started to work together as a collective who have common interest in the world of audio-visual. From the very beginning, Cerahati already involve in the local creative scene for producing numerous music video clip for local indie band. Later on, they also started to produce music video clip for major label and other artists, including some projects for their distinct creativity in working with digital media. They are known for their collaborative approach in generating various creative outputs. Up until now, this Bandung based production house has released more than 200 music videos. In 2003, they’ve received the best video of the year award from MTV Indonesia for their experimental music video entitled Me and My Boy Friend from Mocca (FFWD Records, 2003). Cerahati core team consists of Moro, Pumpung, Xonad and Edy Khemod. Most of them are studied and graduated from Faculty of Fine Arts & Design, Institute Technology of Bandung. Contact: [email protected]

Selasar Sunaryo Artspace
Selasar Sunaryo Art Space (SSAS) is a non-profit institution that aims to hold and support art and cultural activities in Indonesia by regularly holding activities such as exhibitions, discussions, film screenings, workshops, artist residencies as well as performing arts. Its programs cover various disciplinary approaches that are not limited to modern and contemporary art, but also design, architecture, craft, literature and film. Besides holding special exhibitions designed annually by the board of curators, SSAS holds regular exhibitions showing permanent collections that mostly consist of works of a prominent Indonesian painter and sculptor, Sunaryo.

SSAS was opened in 1998 and up until now has ceaselessly held a number of local and international art exhibitions. The organization has a long-standing dream to become one of the most active cultural centers in Indonesia and a resource for accessing information concerning Indonesian artists. It is open for international networking and cooperation with other institutions that have similar concerns towards building a better art infrastructure in Indonesia. More info about Selasar Sunaryo Artspace can be found at Contact: [email protected].

BANDUNGEXPERIENCE is a social networking website with information on the creative industry in Bandung as the main information provided in the website. The idea arose from a big concern upon the existence of an online mapping of the industry. BANDUNGEXPERIENCE acts as a space, which integrate the whole information. Furthermore, it also acts as a social network within and outside Bandung by providing various applications for online social interactions. BANDUNGEXPERIENCE project team is working closely with Common Room Networks Foundation, MonikCeltic and UNKL347. Contact: D. Christina Siahaan <[email protected]>

** To be released by the end of 2007

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