APA INI APA ITU (iniitu.net) | Common Room, 23 Oktober 2010

Our Belgian ini.itu records family back to their half-hometown these couple weeks. In this quite rare occasion, they invite some local outfits including A Stone A, Evans Storn, Husnaan and Seniman Purbakala to the family gathering.

The man behind the label ini.itu records is S/, who also performs as Blindhæð, which as a structure of sonic deterritorialisation is the meeting point of rumbling Lynchian drones, fuzzy microsound and electro-acoustic improv. Blindhæð has released 3 projects until now: one downloadable compilation on Ruidemos, a limited edition LP on ini.itu, and one limited edition CD-R on Mystery Sea.

For this event, Blindhæð will be hosted by local friends, and will be processing Indonesian field-recordings and instruments into a journey of broken ambiences and hermetically digitised micro-clusters of sound. Modus operandi: variations, faint nuances, mediation of thickness and opacity, opposition of lines and dots, interplay between organic found sounds and electronic textures, reminiscences and physical presence.


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