Rumah Cemara Media Gathering at Common Room

Rumah Cemara Media Gathering at Common Room.

As part of spreading information & public knowledge about drugs related problems, Rumah Cemara held a media gathering program in Common Room in 20 January 2007. Many friends shows up and share their own stories and personal experience. On this occasion, Rumah Cemara also invite Mr. Wirawan S.H., law practitioner who used to work for LBH Bandung (Bandung Law Aid Institue). He share his knowledge about state law & regulation, concerning on drugs issues and some of its implications in Indonesia.

We invite Rumah Cemara to come to Common Room during our annual community gathering program. They were known as an organization for those who have problems with drugs & HIV. They were the first among few civic organization in Bandung who taking this issues seriously. During the gathering, we agree to work together with Rumah Cemara in order to help some of our friends & youngster in Bandung who have drugs & HIV related problems.

During our discussion, most of participants agree that people who have drugs related problems are the victim who have the same right with other citizens. They also have the right to get access on good health care & education, besides having a job and earn a good living. As one of friend pronounce it: “we need no drugs if we have proper information & knowledge that can help us to earn a job and good living…”. Drugs is one of the complex problem in our society. Putting some people in jail will not solve the problem.

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